OKAY TK Nominated Best DJ

I hope everyone had a great week. If you are feeling the way i do then im sure you can’t wait for the weekend to begin.

First off i would like to send a thank you to the people who were involved and responsible for my #musicnovascotia “dj of the year” nomination. It truly does mean something to me when I am given the opportunity to be nominated for these awards.

It’s been an interesting learning curve since I decided to change my dj name a couple years ago. I have been essentially rebuilding certain aspects from the ground up. so for these nominations I am thankful.

Jokes: The Jam Promo Video

Here is this months promo video for ‘The Jam’. Saturday, September 2nd 2017

Its a monthly little party we throw at a local spot called The Seahorse. The night features a boat load of music new and old. Its a really good night for letting loose and having a good time.

If you are in town (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and are looking for a party to attend this labour day weekend, this should be it!

Facebook Event Info: Event Page

Vote For OKAY TK

Morning everyone. I hope the long weekend was great for ya’ll.

I thought I would make a quick mention that I’ve been recently nominated for ‘Best DJ’ in #Halifax via #thecoast.

I usually dont bring any attention to these sort of things but I figured I would do so this time around. I’m happy to have even been mentioned in the first place.

If you have ever been out to any of my events, listened to any of my mixes, or downloaded any of my edits — your vote would be super appreciated.

I’ve attached the link down below to cast your vote. I believe voting ends September 15th.

Head over and vote!


Voting Link:
Vote Here

The Art Of Discarding – A Book I’m Reading

I hope everyone had a safe and fun #canadaday weekend. my weekend went well and I was able to enjoy myself.
It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted about the books ive been reading. at the moment im reading 3 new ones I picked up the other week when I was at #chapters.

I came across this book called ‘the art of discarding’. im almost finished it and so far its been a pretty good read. it basically breaks down some strategies on getting rid of unnecessary items within your home. did you know that there is 300,000 items in the average (american) home?! that’s a lot of things!

my friends would be able to tell you that im a pretty organized person in general. I personally don’t like a lot of clutter and over the last couple months ive challenged myself to start removing more items from my home that i havent used in 3-6 months. I try to apply the ‘3-6 month’ idea to clothing items. if I havent worn something within that time span, I probably don’t need to have it taking up space.

I also try to apply some of these rules and ideas to my ‘dj life’. im constantly going through and organizing my music library. im always coming across songs that I will never play. ive only been keeping music that I like and that is relative to the events I play. I couldn’t think of any real reason for me keeping my ‘progressive drum and bass’ folder anymore (ha!).

all in all, I do find cluttering satisfying to some extent and I would recommend that you try it every now and again.