Add OKAY TK On Snap Chat!

Well, I finally caved in and downloaded SnapChat the other day. I’m still unsure of what to make of the application.

I had it when it first came out but it didn’t really appeal to me so I promptly deleted it. After hanging out with a couple friends over the last couple months they slowly convinced me to give SnapChat another go.

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OKAY TK Selected For Red Bull Thre3style 2016

redbull 3style, canada, okay tk

The last couple months have been very interesting to say the least. With the passing of my grandpapa and the everyday struggles of school; its been very hard to keep myself motivated (musically) at times.

So, I was super surprised to find out that I had been selected to represent ‪Halifax‬ (and the whole east coast) in nationals in this years Red Bull ‪Thre3style‬. Thinking back just a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t even going to enter this year’s competition given the reasons I stated above but overall im glad that I did and am very thankful that I made the cut. Maybe someone is watching over me (who knows!?).

Thanks to everyone who has showed love and reached out to me with positive words over the years. Its very much appreciated.

Also, thanks again to everyone involved in making Red Bull Thre3style continue to happen each year and pushing the dj culture forward.

Below is my entry video. I was going to clean it up and re-release it later this week but I decided not to. Give it a watch and enjoy!