New Podcast: Talking Trends

So for the past couple years I’ve always wanted to do a podcast but never got around to doing one. I’ve always had great admiration for the “magic” of radio and felt that this was the next logical step for fulfilling that need. For those who don’t know, I used to have a radio show on both commercial (Z103) and college stations (CKDU FM) a couple years back.

Anyway, I recently sat down with my friend Tony and discussed some ideas on maybe starting a little something. We mashed out a bunch of ideas and finally settled on the one you see right now.

Talking Trends is a podcast that is recorded Monday-Friday. We find interesting news stories from around the world and we talk about them as well as get our audience on Facebook involved in the conversation because nobody wants to listen to just our opinions.

The podcast runs roughly 30 minutes and will be available to watch on Youtube, and Facebook. There will also be an audio version for you to download on itunes, Google Play, and Spotify (hopefully).

Check out first upload to Youtube. If you like what you see and hear, subscribe to the channel or like our Facebook Page. It would mean a lot!

I’ll be posting these videos on this website along with my mixes and other projects I’m currently working on.

In this episode we discuss Mariah Carey’s New Years redemption performance, Our local strip club closing after 30 years, The date from hell, and Dr. Phil is apparently supplying drugs to his guests.

Hopefully you enjoy!